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Camera AI 360

SKU:  UVC-AI-360

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Product Features

The Future of Smart Surveillance

Monitor and analyze foot traffic in real-time with a next-generation PTZ camera.

People Analytics
Identify visitor tendencies with data-driven insights.
Retail Heat Mapping
Visualize where your customers frequent.
360° Fish-eye Lens
Provides full vantage over densely-populated areas.
Indoor / Outdoor
Impressive, IPX4-rated durability and all-weather resistance.
Vandal-proof Casing
Protected with an IK08-rated enclosure.

People Analytics

Real-time subject differentiation and spatial analytics allow you to identify your space's most populated areas.

Retail Heat Mapping

Illustrate foot traffic data with dynamic heat mapping designed to show you exactly where your visitors gravitate.

360° Fish-eye Lens

The ultra-wide, 360° fish-eye lens delivers an all-encompassing view of highly populated areas.

Built for the Outdoors

A weather-resistant and IK08-rated, vandal-proof enclosure optimizes outdoor durability.

Indoor or Outdoor

The all-weather design ensures reliable, high-quality performance even in the harshest conditions.

Vandal-proof Design

The tamper-resistant, IK08-rated enclosure makes this camera ideal for monitoring large, public areas.

Easy to Mount

Optimize your overhead surveillance coverage with a ceiling mounting.

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