U7 Pro Max
258,00 €
Ceiling-mounted WiFi 7 AP with 8 spatial streams, 6 GHz support, and a dedicated spectral scanning engine for interference-free WiFi in demanding, large-scale environments.

WiFi 7 with 6 GHz support

8 spatial streams

Real-time spectral analysis for enhanced channel selection*

160 m² (1,750 ft²) coverage

500+ connected devices

Powered using PoE+

2.5 GbE uplink

Note. 6 GHz operation is supported in these countries.
Multi-Link Operation (MLO) capability is coming soon and will be provided via software update.

*Requires UniFi Network 8.2.93 and later.

U7 Paintable Cover
36,00 €
AP Arm Mount
26,00 €