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Camera G3 Flex

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Product Features
  • Camera G3 Flex Model: UVC-G3-FLEX Wide Camera View Angle

    The G3 Flex features a wide-angle lens and 1080p video performance for expanded surveillance coverage.

  • Camera G3 Flex Model: UVC-G3-FLEX Indoor / Outdoor

    For outdoor use, use G3 Flex with the outdoor mounting kit. Weather resistance for outdoor deployment.

  • Camera G3 Flex Model: UVC-G3-FLEX Night Vision

    The infrared LEDs and automatic IR cut filter provide high-quality day and night monitoring.

  • Camera G3 Flex Model: UVC-G3-FLEX Small Size

    The G3 Flex has a small form factor. Use the ceiling mount to make it even smaller, hiding it in the ceiling.

Ultimate Installation Flexibility

Use the Right Mounting Option for your Application

Desktop Mount

The rubberized bottom of the Desktop Mount keeps your G3-FLEX in place on any flat surface

Indoor Wall Mount

Use the low-profile Indoor Mount to mount the G3-FLEX flush against interior walls

Hard-Ceiling Mount

Mount securely to any flat surface or ceiling with two screws through the Indoor Mount

Low-Profile In-Ceiling Mount *

Ceiling Mount is perfect for suspended ceilings and any other soft material.

Conduit Mount *

Suspend the G3-FLEX from high ceilings with the Conduit Mount Accessory combined with standard pipe

Outdoor Wall Mount

The durable Outdoor Wall Mount accessory secures the G3-FLEX to vertical outdoor surfaces. Includes a protective base to shield the camera and ethernet cable from the elements